Our Employees

As a company with high ethical values, we have a culture based on mutual trust and respect with our employees.

As a company with high ethical rules, Oytaş-Yıldız Construction has created a culture based on mutual trust and respect by offering equal rights to all its employees. The duties and responsibilities of all our employees are clearly defined and our employees are supported unconditionally through trainings in order to develop their knowledge and abilities. Family culture, which we have created within the framework of mutual trust and respect, is one of the most important drivers of the performance of our employees thus, the performance of Oytaş-Yıldız Construction.

As a company that has adopted continuous improvement, in order to reach our goals; objective studies are carried out by performing performance measurement and evaluation practices, employee satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction surveys, and necessary practices are made and new targets are determined according to the results.

We are always fair to the supply chain, which we see as a solution partner, and make sure that they are acquired their full rights and dues. We work together with our subcontractors and suppliers to minimize risks and reduce costs with good relations of mutual satisfaction. The contribution of our solution partners is important in our success.