Purpose and Values

Our Mission

As being an organisation that adopted a high quality policy where it’s employees are proud to be a part of Oytaş-Yıldız Construction, to always pursue the better by safely constructing tomorrows.

Our Values


  • Ethical Work and Integrity – We take high business ethics and regulatory compliance, and, being always honest and transparent to our customers, partners, stakeholders and employees and as our duty.


  • High Quality – Our company’s irrevocable policy is to always ensure customer satisfaction. The fact that the quality of the works we have completed is constantly mentioned is an indication of our commitment to deliver the highest quality possible in all our works from the smallest to the largest.


  • Respect to Environment and Community - We strive to improve the quality of life, both by the work we do and in the process of doing these works, without disturbing the society or harming the environment. Oytaş-Yıldız has become an exemplary company in Bursa with its social responsibility projects and environmental sensitivity.


  • Occuplational Health & Safety - We try to do more than what is required by law to ensure that all the people involved in our projects always feel safe.


  • Care for Employees - We take care to create a collaborative environment in which all employees can express opinions comfortably, and supported with trainings in areas where they want to improve themselves.